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  *CY2015-16 Xtal & Oscillator Report & Analysis_ARCHIVE
Focused in the world of small, this report details both the Crystal Resonator and Quartz based Oscillator Modules - includes Quartz, MEMS (Piezo mechanical and Piezo Electric), Ceramic, and Compensated CMOS technologies, and details SAW, XO/ASO/MO, TCXO/TCMO, VCXO/VCMO/TCVCMO, OCXO/OCMO, OCSO product categorie;

TAM'S, Use Cases /Applications combined with Market consumption of relative electronic systemsusing a unique Top Down / Bottoms Up methodology for analysis... a DEEP DIVE into the heart of Data and Tele Comm Timing. A unique Report & Analysis that can ONLY be purchased at CS &A LLC...
Item #2015-16XTALOSC

Price $3500.00 

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  *CY2015-Q1 2016 Combined Semiconductor Timing Report ARCHIVE
This Version combines all of our Mainstream Semi Timing Key Reports (2) including ALL SEMI TIMING product Solutions across all segments, and across all trgeted markets...

  • Xtal's and Oscillators
  • SEMI Clock and Timing (The IC End of the business)
  • Die Sales into FCP
  • RF Timing Components and modules

Thia is the only FULL Spectrum Sem i Timing Report with this kind of depth of coverage and scope WW.
Available ONLY with an Enterprise License, the report includes the Raw Data Database, The Main report file and the Updae 2H CY2015 report which reaches publication in January, 2017. Plus 4 hours of Report Related Consulting... A unique package, it has a value of more than $11,000.00 if reports are purchased separately...
Item #2015COMBTIM001

Price $6000.00 

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  *Semiconductor Clock and Timing Report & Analysis_ARCHIVE
Includes details for: all timing devices utilizing an external crystal and/or resonator, includes detail for die sales into FCP, includes detail for: RF components, devices and modules.

Enterprise licensees will see a second report for the 2H CY in December plus 2-4 hours of report related consulting. 
Item #2015-16SEMICLK

Price $3500.00 

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  Clock and Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure
A Focused Report, this piece is considered as a DEEP DIVE into the complex world of Communications Timing Reeuiqements and needs. Detailing the full loop, we run from Physical Layer and MAC timing, to Base Station and Central Office Infrasturcture and Back Haul hardware...

These systems have extrondinary consistancy in architecture and functionality. While cost reduction efforts continue on a constant basis, and systems are "tuned" to support the latest revision of DDR DRAM and SRAM as well as ASIC/ASSP and PSoC's utilized in Switches, Routers, HUbs, Access Points, DSLAM's, Blade Servers, Servers, Gaming Systems and more...

This report has received excelent feedback and has proven to be of value to both the supplier and consumptions sides of the equation...

This Report, from a Hardware and Architecture Viewpoint and perspective, is valid thru CY2019...Hard data on OEM/ODM System Architectures was gathered from 2009 thru 2016...

Item #ComsTim_2011-19

Price $2750.00 

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  CY2016 Xtal and Oscillator Data Base
MS Excel Based file - raw data and numbers for the latest Xtal & Osc Report & Analysis. The file is MS Excel Office 2015 format for ease of use and in case the reader wishes to manipulate and/or plot the information in ways perhaps we did not...

Item #XTALDB_2016_001

Price $3800.00 

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  CY2016-17 32 KHz and Real Time Clocks
A Focused Segment Report, this is considered as a DEEP DIVE into the world of Time of Day (TOD) Semi Timing with both the Frequency Reference of 32.768 KHz and the Digital end of Calendar and Real Time Clocks...
Item #32KHZ_RTC001

Price $2500.00 

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  CY2016-17 COMBINED Semi Timing Enterprise License

Combining BOTH the full and complete XTAL & Osc Report, PLUS the Semi Clock and Timing Report & Analysis, brings forth the most complete and comprehensive Market Reporting for Semiconductor Timing available anywhere today.

The Report details the WW TAM's for Xtals, MEMS, ASO's, all the Semi Clock and Timing IC's, plus Die sales into FCP, and RF Timing Components and Modules... 

Combininng these reports provide 100% coverage for WW Semiconductor Timing across all existing driving use cases and applications. CS &A's Volume, revenues, and market splits are unique in Semi Timing Market Intelligence. We employ our proprietary Top Down, Bottoms Up methodology in our info and data gathering as well as our analysis.

We include vendor rankings by revenues to help gt a feel for how technology, product mixes, and who;e entities are shifting. adding advantage to some, disadvntage to others... We report on all MnA transactions within the Industry as well as any new fundings that might occur...

for Semiconductor Timing Market Intelligence, this COMBINED version of our Reporting provides 100% of the full spectrum of Semi Timing providing the reader with more than a simle foundation of knowledge for the business.

If you want to understand this segment, or understand where you fit in, or don't... Let us help and contact us today to order this comprehensive Report & An;aysis...



Item #2016-17combtim

Price $7000.00 

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  CY2016-17 Semi Clock & Timing Report & Analysis Enterprise Lic
This Report addresses the IC end of the business... With devices that typically utilize a range of Quartz Crystals (Parallel Fundaentals) to accomplish Clock Signal Synthesis and Frequency Generation. Functions are typically organized into type of design: I.e. PLL's include both Integer N, where the PLL is essentially a multiplier with a fixed ratio that can be reconfigured or reprogrammed to Integer N, plus Digital Hybrid Fractional N designs capable of any frequency generation, but with some potential cavaets that are related to performance in the form of Spurs...

Coverage includes:
  • Zero Delay Buffers
  • Clock Synthesizers
    • Commodity, Complex Commodity, & Precision
  • Frequency Generators
  • Oscillators (Simple Colpitt's, Ring, Tank, Pierce, etc...)
  • Non Zero Delay, Fnout - Distribution Buffers
    • Commodity, Complex Commodity, & Precision
  • Real Time Clocks
  • MacroTiming
    • High density, Integrated Timing
    • Partial and Full Clock Tree Integration of all potetnial Functional Blocks
    • Multi output
    • Multi Frequency
    • Mixed Output types
  • Specialty Devices
    • Redundancy
    • Waform Integrity
      • Jitter Attenutators
      • Custom
  • More...
Item #2016SemiClock

Price $4500.00 

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  SEMI CLK & TIMING Raw Data Base File
MSExcel FORMATTED FOR EASE OF USE AND TO ENABLE THE CLIENT TO manipulate the data and information in ways perhaps, we did not.

Item #2015-16SEMICLDB

Price $4000.00 

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The NewsLetter is a Quarterly Published, and provides a foundation and reference for a review of the latest happenings in the Semi Timing Industry and other ancillary industries that have direct and indirect impact on our business.

Newsletter Subscrbers will receive 4 consecutive quarters of Semi Timing news based upon the respective date of purchase. It is a rolling 12 mos/4 consecutive quarters schedule...


Details include the latest happendings surrounding SEMI TIMING;


  • TAM's
  • MnA Activities


 Join the Folks who receive this action orineted tool for Market Intellegence to help gain an edge...


Item #STNEWS0018a

Price $999.99 

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  Sgl User CY2016-17 Semi Clock & Timing report & Analysis

See The Semiconductor Clock & Timing report - Enterprise Version for the full write up and product description.


We note that the Sgl user version of the Report has LIMITED Access! NO Printing is allowed, and it may NOT be an attachment or sent via email. It must remain on the system it is installed upon, and no database file is provided. No associated consulting, and no 2H CY Update is provided in this limited version.
Item #Sglsemiclk2016

Price $4000.00 

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  Sgl User Xtal & Oscillator Report & Analysis
Please refer to the full product descriptio for the Xtal and Oscillator Report and Analysis for the full Product Detail and Description. 

We note that the Sgl user version of our Reports has LIMItED Access: 
  • No Printing is Allowed
  • No image capture is permitted
  • No Attaching to an email or transferring or sharing the file is permitted
  • The Report MUST reside on the system it was installed upon.
Item #SglXtalOsc2016

Price $4000.00