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CY2016-17 XTAL & OSCILLATORS Enterprise License
The full spectrum of Xtal's, MEMS, and ASO's (All Silicon Oscillators - Compensated CMOS) plus all Oscillator categories of Timing Products to include:
  • XO's
    • MO's
      • MEMS has made substantial headway in the last two years with a MEMS Oscillator taking a commanding percentage of the Programmable XO segment...
    • ASO's
      • These compensated CMOS based designs are a tru pure Silicon Play... NO Resonator needed, just the Die! Truly the lowest possible cost, and having achieved good enough performance in Stability, Accuracy and packaging, they seem to solve MOST system challenges up to ~ 200 MHz...
  • TCXO's
  • VCXO's
  • OCXO's
  • OCSO's
Includes Oscillators based upon Quartz, MEMS, and Compensated CMOS...

The most detailed and comprehensive reporting in this segment available anywhere today, the Enterprise License version includes a 2H CY2017 update, a copy of the Report Associated Database, and several hours of report associated open consulting...

WW Markets, olution / Device use cases, and applications for these high volume Semi Timing solutions, WW TAM's, Technology issues and advances, supply chain updates and detail. Analysis by Product category, markets and applications, and for XO's: Splits and volume by frequency, Stability, Accuracy, and package... Simply NOT available from any other sources, this report is a must for both the supply side and for the high volume consummption base. Details about the years MnA activities, which has been at all time high levels of activity and action, we see the supply chain continuing to concentrate with very few Startups available for future MnA...

Item #XtalOSC-2016-17

Price $4250.00