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Mark R. Sherwood
Principal Associate


Mark is the founder of CS &A, and is responsible for the conception, organization, and execution of the business. Mr. Sherwood likes to say he is BC, before chips.... Mark has been in the Electronics Industry since 1972, with specific focus upon high-speed timing.  Mark has held various positions in Design Engineering, Test Engineering, Applications Engineering, Technical Sales, Product and Strategic Marketing, and in Senior Management. In 1972, Mr. Sherwood began his career with Magnavox Research Labs working on Satellite Communications and Missile Guidance and Telemetry systems working on the team designing the original GPS satellite program and other military - aerospace programs. In 1996 he became a Marketing Director at Schlumberger ATE and subsequently in Instrumentation (Test and Measurement) specifically associated with critical timing for semiconductors and systems (jitter analysis and sub nanosecond timing aspects). In the course of his career, Mr. Sherwood has held Director of Marketing positions at Alliance Semiconductor, Cypress Semiconductor, Western Digital, Shugart Associates, SyQuest Technology, Qume / Data Technology Corp., IDT, & IMI Corporations. In his role as Director of Marketing, his WW responsibilities included Market Research, Product / Specification determination / Datasheet creation - Marketing Plans - Sales Plans - Channel planning, identification and management - ROI analysis - MARCOM, related PR functions and detail - and direct customer involvement at multiple levels. Most recently, Mark, in his CS &A LLC contractor role, has served as acting Vice President of Sales and Technical Marketing for Multigig, Inc.

Mr. Sherwood has directly supported the Consumer, PC, Peripheral, Industrial, and Data and Tele communications Markets.  He has been an active member and participant in industry standards organizations and activities such as; JEDEC, ANSI, and IEEE for many years. Mr. Sherwood has written numerous technical and Market specific papers and articles (Planet Analog, Computer Technology Review, EEtimes), published an industry newsletter specifically for the Semiconductor Clock and Timing Industry, and has co-authored multiple patents related to Semiconductor product and technologies.  He has conducted numerous technical and training seminars throughout the world on Timing, Test and Measurement Methodologies, and related issues.

Mr. Sherwood holds degrees in Computer Technology and Computer Science.

You can contact Mark directly at: Mark@timing-is-everything.net

David Marshall
Senior Technology
Research Associate

David has >20 years of engineering, development and system applications experience, with a focus on timing semiconductor solutions, and storage. Prior to joining CS & A, David was a senior marketing applications engineer at Cypress Semiconductor where he was responsible for marketing applications for the Timing Technology Division. David holds a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

You can contact Dave directly at david@timing-is-everything.net

Maria Valencia
Marketing Manager
Research Associate
You can contact Maria at: Mariav@timing-is-everything.net


Joe Sherwood
Sr. Research Associate
Joe joined CS &A in 2010 with a strong background in marketing & advertising. Joe has responsibility for Market research and Supplier specific information - this includes company/corporate research as well as product line, technologies, and markets served...
Joe can reached at joe@timing-is-everything.net

Allan Sherwood
Administration and Business Development Associate

Allan has been with CS &A since 2008 working in support of Report Generation, Market and Supplier research, and company administration and operations.
Allan has proven a strong asset to CS &A in both operations and indepth and comprehensive research.

You can contact Allan at: allan@timing-is-everything.net

Travis Register
Research Associate
You can contact Travis directly at: travis@timing-is-everything.net