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   2015 -13% Y o Y

Consulting Services & Associates LLC (Cs&A LLC) announced release of its latest SERIES of Market Report and Analysis focused upon on the Semiconductor Timing Markets covering CY2014 Thru Q1-CY2015.
Cs&A provides dedicated and specific focus in the defined sugsegments for volumes and revenues. Cs&A breaks things down into two main reort segments; MAINSTREAM and FOCUSED. We provide a series of reports and analysis into sug segments defined by the PRODUCT MIXES reflected in the current portfolios of the OEM suppliers today. These Targeted Semi Timing Markets are defined as follows;
  1. Crystal and Oscillators, RF Timing support
  2. Semiconductor Clock and Timing
    1. Combines items 1 & 2 above into a single easy to use report that covers 100% of the semi timing industry... It doesn't get any more detailed or any more comprehensive. This report references all technologies in play and in development today from Quartz to MEMS, SAW, and Compensated CMOS...
 FOCUSED, DEDICATED Segment Reporting;
  1.  32KHz and Real Time Clocks
    1. Pretty self expanatory in the title, This report details the two ends of TOD (Time of Day) Semiconductor Timing Requirements; the Frequency Reference, most typically at 32KHz, and the Digital section for Real Time tracking
  2.  “Clock and Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure”
    1. Here, in this unique report, Cs&A details specific opportunities for Semiconductor Timing in datacom, telecom, and wireless infrastructure.  The report is a comprehensive drill down with detail on the full spectrum of Semiconductor Timing in this key segment: Crystals in KHz and MHz, all Oscillator categories, Semiconductor Clock and Timing, and high value RF Timing support.  Combined, these Timing segments represented $1.4B USD in sales for CY2010, with growth of 7% YoY to reach $1.86B in 2014… This report:
  • includes an overview of enterprise and carrier equipment including equipment segmentation, equipment block diagrams, profiles of key accounts
  • quantifies and segments the market for Quartz and IC products and forecasts growth through 2014
  • identify key requirements for successful products
  • analyzes competition and identifies key competitive issues and opportunities
  • outlines emerging technologies and identifies new markets that will drive future growth
This new report was authored by Mr. Allan Armstrong (who joined CS &A LLC in November from Maxim) and Mark Sherwood – combined, these two associates have more than 50 years of timing industry experience… According to Mark Sherwood, Principal Associate and CEO at CS &A: “CS &A LLC provides a unique methodology in reporting – we call it Top Down/Bottoms up, where we focus on specific semiconductor timing product consumption by Market Segment and then by Application – all with weighted $ASP’s to roll up into the TAM and Forecasts.” Mr. Sherwood added; While “2010 was a record/watermark kind of  year in terms of technologies volumes, and $revenues for Semiconductor Timing and our expectation is to see 2015 continue with a level of lower growth. The communications segment requires the most in terms of value added in Timing solutions and as such, still commands high $ASP’s into this segment. Performance, stability, accuracy and feature sets put timing products into the precision, precision 1,  and ultra-precision class  (accuracy category) categories again, still resulting today, in device $ASP’s in dollars, not dimes, so we see a lot of attention placed here by many/most tier one suppliers in timing.” 

Our Series of CY2014-2015 Timing Reports have been Released for publication back from March 15th thru today, with the newest additon; our SEMI TIMING NEWSETTER - 

This year our reporting has been expanded so as to provide much more detail with all new ease of use and navigation, yielding the critical information from a sometimes very confusing Semiconductor Timing Industry - from the supplier base to the channel and to the end consumer, our series of reports (5 + a newsletter) includes valueable information on the revised supplier base, TAM'S, technologies in motion, in play, and in development.
We note the trends and more... with a focus section detailing MEMS and Compensated CMOS progress in Semiconductor Timing. -
  • WW Xtal & Oscillator
  • WW Semiconductor Clock & Timing
  • Combined Clock & Timing and Xtal & Osc 
  • Enterprise Users enjoy a 2h CY update at the close of the calendar year!
  • Semiconductor Supplier Dossiers are available
"The most detailed and comprehensive effort in this segment to date from CS &A..."

Custom reporting;
  • Semiconductor Timing
  • RF and high End Semi Timing
  • SAW, RF and Crystal Filters/
  • High Performance, High Speed Data Acquisition (JESD 204B)
  • High Speed SerDes and Associated Timing blocks
  • Video and Audio
  • Power and HVAC 
TOP DOWN DATA by Segment in our Reporting includes;
  • Communications
    • Hand Sets and SmartPhones
    • Line Cards
    • Routers / Switches
    • Infrastructure and Backhaul
    • Base Stations
    • VoIp
    • WiFi / WiMax
    • Femto/Pico Cells
    • 4G LTE
  • Consumer
    • Television
    • Blu-Ray
    • Set Top Boxes
    • SmartPhones
  • Computing
    • Laptops
    • Desktops
    • Servers 
    • Gaming PC's
    • Tablets / Slates / Pads
For more detail about these new reports, please contact us at info@timing-is-everything.net

CY2014 Was a year where the FUD (fear, uncertainty, & doubt) factor legacy from 2012 and 2013 continued thru the first half of the year, while the second half came in clearly dominated by single digit growth capped by both current conversions and by the most agressive levels of device $$ASP erosion seen in this Industry since we began reporting... Despite all the challenges, we still see new entrants making thier debut, more investment into our Timing Sub Segment from BOTH VC's and from Industrial sources and was again marked by MnA resulting in a still consolodating supplier base -

  • What was the CY2015 Timing content TAM?
    • Xtal and Oscillators - Semiconductor Timing - RF Modules and more... 
    • Consumer - Computing - Communincations - Industrial
  • What products are included in this analysis?
  • Who are the players?
    • How do they breakdown - Front end - back end - products - target markets...?
    • What about the new entrants with "Disruptive" Technologies like MEMS, Compensated LC's, more...? 
  • What is the forecast for 2015 - 2019?
  • What applications and newly defined use cases will drive growth?
Contact CS &A to order now...

CY2011-2013 Semi Timing Report Archived Market Reports are now ON SALE at 50% OFF Current list Price !!! - see Products/Market Reports for details...
  • Xtal & Oscillator
  • Semiconductor Clock & Timing
  • Combined Clock & Timing and Xtal & Osc 
  • ATE & Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Power Management (Portable and non-portable)
Single user and Enterprise versions availble now...

Archived Press Release: August 18th Teardown of the Apple 3G iPhone. Find it here or under the Press Release tab.

In CY2014, Cs &A once again spent time, effort, money, and resources visiting many semiconductor timing suppliers worldwide, and has compiled significant on hand information on key Suppliers, and added some new timing categories adding to the spread and TAM - Now totally ubiquitous, Real Time Clocks and precision 32KHz references continue to generate a lot of attention..., long a Power Management / Supervisory product category, Cs &A made the changes known - the RTC and 32KHz categories have been moved into Semiconductor Timing - Order our latest version of the DEDICATED, and FOCUSED TOD Market Report to gain high level inisght into this >$500M USD combined market. Plus, updates to our new segment dedicated to COGS analysis for XO's as a feature, add significant value to this unique report...

Cs &A Once again a mainstay at CES in Las Vegas
As usual, Cs&A sent four of our key and senior Associates for a full week at this exciting show in January 2015. We spent time talking and reviewing on the forces impacting the Full Spectrum of Semiconductor Timing from CE front - more gadgets, more connectivity and content for 2011 and onward. The more gadgets, the more need for value added components as we "connect" these new gadgets ranging from DTV's to nightstand appliances and more...HDTV/3D TV and in fact, 3D everything, plus the new Smartphones, Tablets - Slates and Pads - It was quite a showing for the new applications - is putting a strain on the WW web - but 5G LTE is being deployed as we speak to accommodate  the pressure...Growth is the driving word coming into 2015 for CE, and the challenge is the competitive base, needs for the LOWEST COST  POSSIBLE timing solution content (more embedding of the Semi Timing Functions into the CE ASIC/ASSP/PSoC Vs keeping it external. When faced with issues related to time to volume and time to money, you might till see some valued external Semi Timing product, but with the current levels of price erosion the right wrd might be cheap Vs less expensive...

...Read our new Timing Report to gain this valued insight