Market Intelligence
Nice when you can get it but considered a luxury by most companies

At Consulting Services & Associates, we specialize in Semiconductor Technology and Focused marketing services that are tailored specifically for your business, your challenges, your markets, your products, and your people... Our goal is to get you implementing strategies, and not just planning them. Our work is proven and grounded in real world experience. At CS &A, we combine our market/channel/technology experience and expertise to produce tangible, actionable, in depth bottom line results quickly. Our clients have realized results quickly, efficiently, and beyond original scope and expectations - We have direct and significant experience in our respective disciplines, and our Senior Associates benefit from over 25 years in the industry - Not like other industry research and information suppliers, we are from the inside providing more detail, and more comprehensive focus unavailable with any other group. We are focused in Semiconductor Timing in all respects.