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At Consulting Services & Associates, we specialize in Semiconductor Technology and Focused marketing services that are tailored specifically for your business, your challenges, your markets, your products, and your people... Our goal is to get you implementing strategies,  and not just planning them. Our work is proven and grounded in real world experience. At CS &A, we combine our market/channel/technology experience and expertise to produce tangible, actionable, in depth bottom line results quickly. Our clients have realized results quickly, efficiently, and beyond original scope and expectations - We have direct and significant experience in our respective disciplines, and our Senior Associates benefit from over 25 years in the industry - Not like other industry research and information suppliers, we are from the inside providing more detail, and more comprehensive focus unavailable with any other group...We are focused in Semiconductor Timing in all respects...

Our focus in Semiconductor Technology Marketing is multi-faceted, supporting Market Development, Market Identification, Plan creation, Collateral development and creation, due diligence efforts and analysis, and Management options for a variety of implementation schemes. Our Market expertise spans Memory to Analog-Mixed Signal Semiconductors with specific focus on Power Management Devices, Xtal Oscillators, Clock & Timing, RF Synthesizers, SerDes, Video, Audio, Power and HVAC, ATE, and more.
CS &A LLC Technology / Engineering services include: Specific Issue resolution, technical training, limited consults, product and device definition, and electrical and physical design services ranging from data sheet definition to electrical design with physical layout, to the 1st article debug.
In 2012 we have added a new service for our clients - Semiconductor device Characterization and measurement. CS &A now offers full DC/AC measurements over Process, Voltage, Temperature, Frequency, and Load. Our indeustry experience in test and measurement is significant, and CS &A provides a lower cost alternative to in house measurments which require a significant capital equipment expendature, or excessive costs for outsourced labs. In addition, we can provide limited reliability and QA testment and valiadation; ESD, Latch Up, HTOL, HAST and burn in our included in this service.
CS &A provides the test board design, schematic(s), Layout and Gerber for the test PCB, and assembly to complete the test/load borad ready for the DUT.
Contact us at info@timing-is-everything.net and request a follow up to discuss our capabilities and your project to schedule test time...
Market Update 2013 Timing;
CY2013 showed growth in volumes for Semi Timing, but challenges in device $ASP's, currency exchange, and more, combineingto keep revenue farily flat, and as the leader in our segment (Semiconductor Timing) which represents approximately $8.00Billion USD, this is a significant and a dramatic decrease YoY. As such, we have modified our report formats and increased our reach and coverage so as to provide our clients with best in class relevent, accurate, timely, and most of all, actionable information in a easy to digest format.
In 2013, we increased our staffing and our tools along with our focued coverage topics. We provide both standard and customized reporting that employs our unique methodology to provide the needed information. And now, we are adding the Xtal and OScillator Data Base both as an addon for our report clients, but also as a stand alone product - check out our store or contact us at info@timing-is-everything.net for more information today...

2014 is estimated to see continued roll out and entry into the market for some new entrants, many with thier respecitve products utilizing "disruptive" technologies with aggressive positioning and pricing. With the significant growth in Consumer Electronics, Computing, and Industrial segments, we saw little for semi timing in CE - embedding the timing function in commodity class is a very doable thing today. Communications is moving fast to build up infrastructure to support the new levels of "connectivity" in our ever changing world... In Semiconductor Timing, CY2013 showed the industry that MEMS based Timing is in, making impact and gaining SOM both due to MnA, but also with the expansion of their respective product lines to include both the standard LVCMOS oscillators from 1-160MHz, and now with Precision and even ultra-Precision class synthesizers with LVPECL, LVDS, HSTL, as well as LVCMOS, setting the pace in low end and commodity timing solutions for 2014.

CS &A is uniquely positioned to provide insights and information into what, where and when...Trending, TAM, SAM, SOM, and SWOT analysis,Forecasting, and due diligence are our areas of experience and expertise. Our staff is made up of industry veteran people with extensive background and significant experience in multiple disciplines from Semiconductor Timing Itself - CS &A is staffed with industry people directly from their respective disciplines within the Timing Industry - we are not financial or business analysts, but our team is made up from Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Manufacture / Operation professionals who have been a part of the industry, thus providing our group with very valuable experience, contacts and knowledge that only comes from knowing...

Our consulting services portfolio provides Limited and Focused Consults in multiples areas to include, but not limitied to:

  • Marketing
    • Product Definiton
      • From Concept to validation
      • Positioning and ROI/NPV Analysis
      • Go to Market Strategy planning and Initial Entry Support
  • Technology
    • Due Diligence
    • Market Application
    • Product Definition

  • Product Definition
    • Technologies employed
    • Marketing Requirement Doscument
      • Market / Applications served
      • Device Data Sheet
      • Financials - ROI/NPV Analysis
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Marketing and Sales Plan creation and Go to Market deployments


What's New

Just Released; A New Report and Analysis;

 Uncertainty Is the New Reality as Integration and Consolidation Continue to Impact Semiconductor Timing Revenues  

NEW: Semiconductor Timing Revenues challenged in 2014...

Consulting Services & Associates LLC (CS &A) is working to release its latest market report and analysis series focused on semiconductor timing covering the results of CY2013-14 and forecasting through 2017.   

The Crescendo in Semi Timing Revenue was reached in CY2012, and CY2013 showed real decline as MnA continued to put pressure on the Semiconductor Timing Supplier Base in 2013 and the trend is forecasted to continue thru CY2014 although today, we now have limited potentials available, or prepared for MnA.

We saw 2013 showing more integration pressure on Semi Timing than ever before, especially in CE Timing solutions. Evolutionary changes to the product mix today include standard Quartz based solutions along with MEMS, now mainstraming, and Compensated CMOS where we saw the supplier base condense and flatten in 2013.

The latest CS &A Timing Market report for 2013-14 details the top tier supplier base providing where and how the supplier particpates in specific markets and apllications, their respective technologies in play and develoment, product category level participation / product mixes, design, fabrication, assembly test and packaging capabilities which is THE crucial info needed in assessing a potential supplier and in understanding positioning and Share Of Market (SOM).

 CS &A Reveals details in its Newest Semiconductor Timing Market Report & Analysis Series with four distinct Timing Segment Reports and Analysis;

  1. Crystal and Oscillators
  2. Semiconductor Clock & Timing includes die sales, RF compnents and RF Modules
  3. Combined Semi Timing
  4. Semicondutor Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure and Back Haul
  • CS &A now offers Timing device measurement/characterization/validation services - CS &A provides full DC / AC and fundamental reliability and QA test and measurement. contact us today to talk about your project...