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At Consulting Services & Associates, we specialize in Semiconductor Technology and Focused marketing services that are tailored specifically for your business, your challenges, your markets, your products, and your people... Our goal is to get you implementing strategies,  and not just planning them. Our work is proven and grounded in real world experience. At Cs &A, we combine our market/channel/technology experience and expertise to produce tangible, actionable, in depth bottom line results quickly. Our clients have realized results quickly, efficiently, and beyond original scope and expectations - We have direct and significant experience in our respective disciplines, and our Senior Associates benefit from over 25 years in the industry - Not like other industry research and information suppliers, we are from the inside providing more detail, and more comprehensive focus unavailable with any other group...We are focused in Semiconductor Timing in all respects...

Market Intelligence; Nice when you can get it, but considered a luxury by most companies today.

The value of the intelligence gained from most standard off the shelf Industry reports is typically limited to standard financial analysis and perhaps some overlay of a company’s: products, technology, channels, and positioning is rare. What we see from the top tier providers is somewhat better than that although the reports are still quite limited in scope coverage and content. You need quality data and intelligence, with good presentation quality graphics, tables and diagrams. You may need something very specific and non-generic in terms of research and/or analysis which is not typically available in these canned and limited focus Reports. Many contain zero analysis and just report on the numbers, which in many cases is of questionable quality. We can say with high confidence that in most cases you can’t get what you need, and what you want in these canned limited focus products and services. The need goes unmet, or poorly met at best sometimes with questionable data, and the mistakes from here on get more expensive if you are developing the wrong products at the wrong time…

Consider the requirements that MUST be met in order to do the front end required research and analysis in house; It means manpower, tools, money, and time… AND we add, that this assumes experience and working knowledge of where to go and how to get the information and intelligence desired…ANY learning curve here translates into time and quality of information and data. This is especially true in the research phase since the data is not readily available from multiple sources. Analysis can come down to math, but typically involves much more in terms of what calculations to run, and on what data sets…

Companies set budgets for Market Intelligence that is typically either absolute zero or something better, but always seems to lack total consideration for what it takes to put this together. When purchasing Reports and Analysis from the outside, the report purchase may require some form of subscription for a 12 mos membership which enables you to purchase the report and make report related inquiries. Look at Gartner as an example and just the annual fee is enough to kill the buy… CS &A does not require any membership so there are no fees whatsoever outside of the report pricing. Full support is provided for any Report related inquiry and we do have some bundled service agreements that provide discounts for purchasing multiple reports at the same time.

In most cases the target companies for analysis provide more than just Semiconductor Timing Products, so extracting specific Semiconductor Timing Volumes, Revenue, and Organization can be a daunting task. Reading a lot of financial information such as form 10K, and annual reports, presentations both corporate and at the field level too. It means having access to the information once discovered, farmed, or gleaned in an interview or customer public statement, or even documentation in the various channels to help determine inventory levels, pricing, and status. This is true for most companies participating in Semiconductor Timing today. In fact, it applies to more than 90% of Semi Timing players today (estimates are for ~70 companies WW); they provide more than Semi Timing solutions… Additional barriers include the fact that the Semi Timing Industry in general does NOT publish or provide these breakouts; Product breakdowns, associated annual Volumes, Average Pricing, and the rolled up timing specific Revenues, so research must be done in order to gain just the raw data, and the subsequent analysis; which calculations and how to present the results to help achieve the goal of understandability.

Making or Having the right contacts is also quite a challenge. You cannot simply call into the company and ask for someone who can answer questions in this regard… You have to know who has the information and access to the needed data, and then make contact and convince them to work with you if possible… This is, in most cases, confidential data and information, and is not released outside of the business itself.

Compounding the issue further are the technologies involved; like many other Industries, we have unique technology and IP (Intellectual Property) our own vocabulary and definitions… Understanding use cases within the myriad of applications in today’s world presents additional challenge. The IoT moves fast, very fast, and in this business these days, six (6) months can be a lot of time… Plus, if there is any learning curve, the upfront quality of data is questionable in lieu of the curve, for the specific math, since implementation of canned algorithms can be difficult or just plain incorrect. Here we are talking about ROI (Return of Investment), NPV (Net Present Value) and Development Costs and issues, and lastly; COGS breakdowns.


CS &A responds to the need by maintaining its focus; Semiconductor Timing. We are a group of Industry professionals directly from the Industry itself. In addition, CS &A remains active as a participating service provider and provides Marketing supportservices to the industry on a project or program basis. Our Limited but dedicated consulting services span a wide mix of services, and other deliverables defined at award of contract.

ALL of our staff are from the Semi Timing business, and average a minimum of 10 years of direct industry experience. Senior Associates have more than 25 years in the business, and the Founding Partner and Principal Associate at CS &A, Mark Sherwood, has been in Timing since 1977, giving him more than 40 years direct and active industry experience.

The Series of Semiconductor Timing Industry Reports and Analysis from CS &A were designed from the inside out; We understand what the reader wants and NEEDS to see in the report from a couple of different perspectives; For an OEM Supplier side, and from a High Volume OEM Consumer side. As industry folks with Product marketing backgrounds, the report was designed to provide a select group of data points and to continuously position the industry over technologies (Quartz, SAW, MEMS, ASO’s) processes, packaging, test and measurements, over use cases and applications, the competition, and for forecasting… It’s quite a challenge, considering the barriers to perform…

CS &A first introduced our unique Industry Reporting in 2005, and fast achieved the number 1 position in the Industry specific to Semiconductor Timing… The performance of our current reporting can be summed up by a recent description by one of our tier one clients; “CS &A provides us with current, relevant, accurate, and detailed information that has proven to be actionable and has helped us achieve both short term and long terms goals and objective’s” … We are proud to be able to say that:” CS &A has achieved the number one position In Semi Timing Market Intelligence, and has become the “Go To Resource” for key players in both supply and the consumption bases…”

In 2012 we added a new service for our clients - Semiconductor device Characterization and measurement. Cs &A now offers full DC/AC measurements over Process, Voltage, Temperature, Frequency, and Load. Our indeustry experience in test and measurement is significant, and Cs &A provides a lower cost alternative to in house measurments which require a significant capital equipment expeOur focus in Semiconductor Technology Marketing is multi-faceted,;supporting Market Development, Market Identification, Plan creation, Collateral development and creation, due diligence efforts and analysis, and Management options for a variety of implementation schemes. Our Market expertise spans Memory to Analog-Mixed Signal Semiconductors with specific focus on Power Management Devices, Xtal Oscillators, Clock & Timing, RF Synthesizers, SerDes, Video, Audio, Power and HVAC, ATE, and more.
Cs &A LLC Technology / Engineering services include: Specific Issue resolution, technical training, limited consults, product and device definition, and electrical and physical design services ranging from data sheet definition to electrical design with physical layout, to the 1st article debug.
 ndature, or excessive costs for outsourced labs. In addition, we can provide limited reliability and QA testment and valiadation; ESD, Latch Up, HTOL, HAST and burn in our included in this service.
Cs &A provides the test board design, schematic(s), Layout and Gerber for the test PCB, and assembly to complete the test/load borad ready for the DUT.
Contact us at info@timing-is-everything.net and request a follow up to discuss our capabilities and your project to schedule test time...

Cs &A is uniquely positioned to provide insights and information into what, where and when...Trending, TAM, SAM, SOM, and SWOT analysis,Forecasting, and due diligence are our areas of experience and expertise. Our staff is made up of industry veteran people with extensive background and significant experience in multiple disciplines from Semiconductor Timing Itself - Cs &A is staffed with industry people directly from their respective disciplines within the Timing Industry - we are not financial or business analysts, but our team is made up from Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Manufacture / Operation professionals who have been a part of the industry, thus providing our group with very valuable experience, contacts and knowledge that only comes from knowing...

Our consulting services portfolio provides Limited and Focused Consults in multiples areas to include, but not limitied to:

  • Marketing
    • Product Definiton
      • From Concept to validation
      • Positioning and ROI/NPV Analysis
      • Go to Market Strategy planning and Initial Entry Support
  • Technology
    • Due Diligence
    • Market Application
    • Product Definition

  • Product Definition
    • Technologies employed
    • Marketing Requirement Doscument
      • Market / Applications served
      • Device Data Sheet
      • Financials - ROI/NPV Analysis
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Marketing and Sales Plan creation and Go to Market deployments


What's New

Latest Industry Report Show Semiconductor Timing Revenues Continue to Fall as the Industry Shifts... 

For the year 2016: It was the fourth consecutive year where we see Volume, $$Revenues, and the supplier base all pull back/  Combined, The Semiconductor Timing TAM was again under that $5.00 B USD watermark we reached 5 years ago. Its seems like a steady decline since then...

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