June 5th, 2019

CS &A's Latest WW Semiconductor Timing Report Shows a “Correction” is in Motion Now

CY2018 Actuals show another consecutive year of WW $Revenues below the $5B usd High Watermark:The result of Aggressive $ASP Erosion, Continued Supplier Consolidation, and the increase in levels of Integration! SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) June 02, 2019 -- CS &A LLC is in its tenth year of Publication for their latest Report & Analysis Focused specifically on Worldwide Semiconductor Timing. The Report details the results for CY2018 thru Q1, 2019, & according to Mark Sherwood, CS &A LLC CEO and Principal Associate: “Very Few Industry Publications can offer Semi Timing Market Reporting PERIOD!; with the coverage questionable, and the technical depth of the reporting staff greatly limited, CS &A is the first choice when in need of Semi Timing Intelligence and Data. ” Mr. Sherwood when on to say “Generally speaking, Information and Market Intelligence in this segment has not been very credible with respect to the actuals. After 10 years in Publication, and with Credibility firmly established in the supplier, investor, consumer bases, and OEM/ODM/CM’s who all agree that CS &A is currently the only Market Intelligence Supplier able to provide in depth and comprehensive Industry and unbiased Segment Reporting with true Analysis.” Coverage for the previous calendar year includes: TAM determination’s by product category and Market Segment covered, Oscillator splits by Frequency Range, Accuracy, Stability, I/O type, and packaging. Vendor/Supplier ranking by $$Revenues, MnA activity, New technologies, Leading edge Products, with the most in depth and Full Coverage Reporting across all Key Defined Target Segments; Consumer, Computing, Industrial, and Communications. CS &A has a Report that looks at the Worldwide COMBINED Semi Timing mix with details for each of the participating sub segments. The new Report is a Combined offering with detail on these segments defined as:

1. Crystals & Oscillators: Frequency Control Products (FCP)

2. Semiconductor Clock & Timing

3. Die Sales into FCP

4. RF Timing Components, IC’s, and Modules

“NO other Intelligence provider is capable of this kind of coverage: According to Mark Sherwood: “CS &A is made up of Industry professionals ALL with direct and significant experience and expertise in the Semi Timing Industry” Sherwood also said: “We have the reach, we speak the language of Timing, and we have the necessary contacts to enable this level of Intelligence gathering… The credibility we have gained after this 10th year in publication, is second to none, and CS &A has fast become the Go to Resource for Semiconductor Timing.” Mainstream Industry Report Coverage Includes:
CY2018 – 19 WW Combined Semi Timing
1. Xtal & Oscillators
Stand Alone Quartz
Compensated CMOS (ASO’s)

2. Semiconductor Clock & Timing
The IC end of the business 3. Die Sales into FCP 4. RF Timing Components, IC’s, & Modules

Archived Focused, Segment Additional Reports also available include:

1.) 32KHz and Real Time Clocks
a. TOD Timing Support
b. Input reference clock

2.) Semi Timing Opportunities in Communications Infrastructure and Backhaul

*Technology Coverage includes: SAW, Quartz, MEMS, and Compensated CMOS (ASO’s- All Silicon Oscillators)… This latest Report covers CY2018: A year of Potential “Correction”
After reaching a high watermark in excess of $5B usd just 6 years ago, we have seen yet another consecutive year of challenge with declining segment Volumes and $Revenues reaching ~$4.35B USD, down ~9% YoY as a direct result of the highest levels of Timing Block / function integration on two fronts coupled with saturation effects that we see in CE (Consumer Electronics) and the IoT, and was topped off with very aggressive device$ASP erosion. CS &A goes deep into this; “Correction” and provides input from and to all sides of the business… Mark Sherwood said: “Many OEM’s have already benefited from the pricing battles with lower device $ASP’s seen for Timing product mixes. This is true across the full value proposition definitions for Commodity, Complex Commodity, Precision, and Ultra-Precision class Devices, Modules, and Solutions…And still, at the same time, many suppliers have been put on the spot with COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) Vs. Price issues and Gross Profit Margins in the lowest percentage range ever reported. In many cases it’s not the GPP, but the Margin Dollars that can make or break a deal. Some Crystal Suppliers will be fortunate to survive the correction over the next few years, Says Mark Sherwood from CS &A; “Combined with product changes driven by the rate that many ASIC, ASSP, and PSoC providers continue, in many cases, to integrate key functional Timing Blocks thus limiting or eliminating in some cases, ALL ASIC external timing… The latest Report discusses these challenges and detail the OEM/ODM integration decision loop and processes, and also look deep into the latest Semi Timing Product Portfolio’s in what CS &A has defined as: “MacroTiming”, where we see partial and FULL integration of the clock tree into a single IC. (Options exist that include the resonator too) yielding high performance, Precision class products and solutions with a value-added component that commands higher pricing (Dollars, Not Dimes!)that helps to fill in gaps created by the loss of several key use cases and applications like PC, SmartPhones, Gaming, & more. “ According to Mr. Sherwood: “Since 2005, CS &A LLC has provided Mainstream Industry intelligence along with Focused Segment targeted Reporting (Today: 32Khz and Real Time Clocks, and Semi timing opportunities in Comms infrastructure and back haul) ALL 100% Focused in Semiconductor Timing. These have become the defacto standard in Reporting with CS &A in the leadership position providing both the Industry Reporting & Analysis combined with focused, limited Consulting covering a wide spread of tasks from a simple SWOT to Product definitions. In the 13 years since we started, we have become the “go to” resource for Semiconductor Timing…”.

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