WW Semiconductor Timing Industry Reports and Intelligence

CS &A created and makes use of a complete TOP DOWN / BOTTOMS UP method of data gathering, and analysis. CS &A looks at ALL contributing Revenue Segments within the Industry defined as:

1. Crystal's and Oscillators
     a. AL Forms of Oscillators are covered:
          i. XO / MO / ASO
          ii. TCXO / TCMO
          iii. VCXO
          iv. OCXO / OCSO
     Coverage includes all technologies in play today:
          - SAW
          - Quartz
          - MEMS
          - Compensated, All CMOS Oscillators (ASO?s)
2. Semiconductor Clock & Timing
      a. The IC End of the business
          i. Zero Delay buffers
          ii. Non-Zero Delay Buffers
          iii. Synthesizers and Frequency Generators
          iv. Real time Clocks
          v. Specialty Timing
          vi. Custom

3. Die Sales into FCP
      a. Specific sales into FCP (Frequency Control Products)
          Oscillators, Open / Closed Loop, fully regulated, isolated, and PLL multipliers too...  
4. RF Semiconductor Timing
      a. Components and Modules
      b. Typically assumed to be use cases >800 MHz
      c. Wireless
      d. Radio
           i. Commercial
           ii. Public Safety
           iii. Military
           iv. 5G
           v. More

Multiple mature markets are covered to include:


      - Electronic Systems
      - Time of Day
      - Connecting to the www? timing on both sides the cable!


      - Motherboard
      - Non-Motherboard


      - Includes Medical
      - Includes Automotive
      - Includes Process Controls


      - Servers
           - Server Timing Support
                 - Discreet timing
                 - JEDEC DIMM's
           - Physical Layer & MAC Timing
           - More...
      - Wired
      - Wireless
      - Infrastructure and Backhaul
      - CPE
      - Central Office Switching

Since 2005 CS &A LLC has been providing Focused, Detailed, and Comprehensive Industry Reporting, Analysis, and Intelligence. The CS &A LLC Semi Timing Reports provided wide coverage in both the Supply and Consumption sides, and the channels that bring them to market.

The latest edition us scheduLed for release on June 15th, 2019.

This year, the edition is all inclusive and covers all segments. products, use cases and more noted below.
The CY2018-Q1 2019 WW Combined Semiconductor Timing Report and Analysis is available for purchase  right now and in June, will be in publication at several key market intelligence providers.

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